Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the more commonly asked questions posed by sellers similar to yourself. Should your inquiry not be included, feel free to reach out to us at (765) 279-1013 or complete our contact form. We are very eager to assist with any additional questions you may have.

Q:  Will you include my property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

A:  No, we don’t enlist our clients’ properties on the MLS. We’re not acting as agents seeking buyers for your property; instead, we are the buyers. Collaboratively, we establish the most favorable offer and present it to you. Our team manages the entire process from beginning to end. Following the purchase of your property, we conduct necessary repairs and subsequently sell it for a profit. Meanwhile, you receive prompt payment, and we transparently share detailed calculations to ensure your confidence and satisfaction with the outcome.

Q:  How does the process of utilizing Happy Go Lucky Home Buyer compare to selling through a real estate agent?

A: A real estate agent assists in selling your property by utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a marketing tool to maximize exposure to potential buyers. This process typically involves enduring numerous property visits over weeks or months until a suitable buyer is identified. You’ll incur title fees, closing costs, and the agent’s commission upon completing the sale.

On the flip side, as investors, we promptly acquire your property or locate other buyers who follow a similar quick purchase process. Post-rehabilitation, we reintroduce the property to the market and generate profits from the sale. Our earnings come from this resale strategy. When you choose to sell to us, we handle inspection and closing costs, waive any commission charges, and provide you with a streamlined payment process. This eliminates the necessity for an agent and reduces additional expenses, ensuring you experience a faster sale with minimal hassle.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for the properties you purchase?

A:  We highly value our reputation and integrity, ensuring that we always provide you with a fair and transparent offer. We break down each step through straightforward calculations, allowing you to understand the allocation of every dollar and the rationale behind our offered price. The equation involves the market value after purchasing, accounting for repairs and rehabilitation, and subtracting these costs along with all selling expenses. We then add our modest commission to the remaining balance, presenting you with our no finance offer for your property.

Q: How many properties do you acquire?

A: We acquire multiple properties, allowing us to provide the most favorable price for you. Generating smaller profits becomes satisfactory as we collaborate with numerous clients, resulting in cumulative benefits. This approach allows us to assist more individuals and contribute positively to the communities we serve. If your property doesn’t align with our criteria, one of our investment partners may be interested. We collaborate with professionals in property revitalization and involve local, trustworthy attorneys during the closing process to ensure a seamless and expeditious selling experience for you.

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Q:  How do you establish the price you are willing to pay for my property?

A:  Initially, we assess the after-repair value (ARV) of your property, estimating its potential market value after completing the required work subsequent to the purchase. A specialized team member evaluates your residence, determining the costs associated with necessary repairs and refurbishments.

Additionally, consider the selling expenses. While you can avoid an agent when selling to us, we engage one to list the property post-purchase. This covers all holding and closing costs, fees, taxes, and a commission, typically amounting to 10% of the after-repair value (ARV).

Ultimately, we deduct the repairs, refurbishments, and selling costs from the after-repair value (ARV). We then incorporate our minimum profit, resulting in the fair price we propose. This amount is often comparable to the traditional selling price of your property, considering the additional out-of-pocket expenses typically associated with an agent. Nevertheless, choosing us ensures a quicker monetary transaction without the usual challenges linked to selling through an agent and listings. Finding a legitimate buyer can sometimes stretch over several months in traditional scenarios.

Q:  Is there any money involved, like fees or commissions to work with you?

A: With us, there are no fees or commissions involved since we are not realtors. We cover fees and commissions when we subsequently sell the property after acquiring it from you. The process of offering a price for your property involves three straightforward steps: evaluating market value, assessing repair/rehab and selling costs alongside profit, and then presenting the price. Once you approve, we collaboratively select a closing date and sign the required documents with a reputable local attorney. This enables you to sell your property and receive the funds swiftly.

Q:  Would there be any duty to sell to you if I submit my information?

A: There is absolutely no commitment required from your end. After you provide some details about your property, we’ll assess the situation, possibly arrange a call to gather more information and present you with a fair offer that aligns with both of our interests, yours and ours. Subsequently, the decision to sell your property to us rests entirely with you. We respect your choice and allow you to determine what is best for your situation.

Q: Is it advisable to enlist the services of a real estate agent to sell my property?

A: Opting to list with an agent can be a suitable option, depending on your timeline and the extent of necessary work and repairs for your property. However, the conventional approach may lead to a prolonged and stressful process, with showings, inspections, and weeks potentially extending into months before securing a buyer. Furthermore, the risk of financing falling through can set you back. If your priority is a swift sale without the associated hassles and the prompt receipt of funds, Happy Go Lucky Home Buyer is the solution that caters to your preferences.

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